July 28, 2015

Mane Pulling

Trainer: "Hey, long time no see, are you riding tonight?"
Me: "Well I was going to, then I got here and realized that if I don't pull his mane before Friday, you won't let me ride in the Jean Luc Cornille clinic."

She laughed, because it's both funny and true.  I mean...I wouldn't have let myself ride in the clinic like this either, let's be real:

Uh, yeah.  I have no excuses for this.

So I hosed him and put two fans on him in the wash rack while I got to work. And ended up giving him a full bath and doing his tail too, because Nick's once again traveling for business (he's been working from home for the last seven months), so spending a long evening at the barn seemed like a good move.

This is how we deal with 90F and 99.99999% humidity.

Much more socially acceptable.  

He had been a good boy standing for the bath and mane pulling, so I put him in his stall to comb out his tail, along with a ghetto stall guard so he could look at absolutely nothing to his heart's content.  Which he loves to do:

If I wasn't 100% convinced he'd find a way out of a real stall guard, I'd ask to put one on his stall all the time, because I know he'd love it.  But when he wasn't standing at attention staring at absolutely nothing, he was grabbing either end and shaking them, trying to undo the rope.  Ponies!  

It was good to be home with him!


  1. Replies
    1. I would love to! I don't mind mane pulling, as long as they stand nicely.

  2. CONNOR'S MANE IS ENORMOUS! I only need to pull every six months or so, and in between I can just trim up with clipper blade or even scissors (depending on lazy-tude) and it's the perfect thickness. Connor's mane is absolutely enormous even after you pulled it!!

    1. Wow, I am so jealous! Connor's was just pulled, albeit somewhat long, a month or so ago when I taught my favorite barn rat how to pull manes. I'm sure the little guy was grateful to have all that hair off his neck in this heat!

  3. So much hair! What a cute little guy though. Hope the clinic goes well!

  4. sounds like a relaxing evening :)