August 25, 2015

Quad-Annual Welsh Cob Injury Post

One of the reasons you should buy a Welsh Cob is that they make up for their purchase price in a lack of vet (and farrier, for that matter) bills over their lifetime.  I think it's the (at times annoyingly) strong sense of self-preservation.

Anyway, I've owned Connor almost four years and Sunday we had our first injury!  Feel free to punch me, because you can hardly call it that.

From pastern to stifle

It looks like...I have no idea.  I think the fence was involved, because there's white paint on the inside of the right hind hoof:

Maybe he slid underneath the fence all the way to his stifle?  I couldn't see any signs of a struggle in the paddock.  Remember, he's on solo turnout because otherwise he's impossible to catch, so whatever it was is self-inflicted.  He doesn't even share a fenceline with anyone.

One way or another, he's fine, he just scraped the skin with the exception of the one spot on his pastern, above.


The leg was swollen, so I cold hosed and put TriCare on it, then threw him on the lunge line to make absolutely sure he was sound before I got on him.

Uh....yep.  Survey says: sound.

When he got done with that, the leg was still warm but the swelling had gone down.  Success.

Not yet cool, but tight.

Thus concludes the quad-annual Welsh Cob injury post.  You may continue with your daily lives now.


  1. Lucky you. I think I had quarterly injuries with Houston... Most requiring vet attention.

  2. I don't think you're allowed to call that an injury! ;)

  3. Hm yeah that's just "a day in the life of Courage".

  4. Built Welsh tough :-)

    Oh, and I LOVE tri care. Best. Ointment. Ever

  5. my 3 yr old tb LOVES to do crap like this. only when he does he gets puncture wounds and rips huge chunks of skin off.....

  6. Replies
    1. Yesssssssssss I will enable the shit out of that!

  7. haha that's awesome. my horse is similarly injury-averse, tho her few wounds tend to be poorly timed and overly dramatic.... #mares

  8. I don't even notice stuff like that on Mo anymore.

  9. I'm not sure it qualifies as an injury if he's still sound :)

  10. .... So basically like an average weekday for Kat hahahahaha ohmygod I hate warmbloods