I'm back!

After two days of Rose/Woods homecoming:

I went straight to the barn when I arrived.  Ahhh, the many hours I spent cleaning these stalls.

Reining demo

and some baby pony time with Connor's niece and nephews on the way to the airport:

The Dr. Seuss baby, Castleberrys Echo, wants to be your next Dressage star!  Will mature horse-sized.

and a whole lot of "business casual":

HP rented out the Georgia Aquarium for a "networking event".

Not boots.

I should finally see Connor tomorrow!  He's been in good hands while I'm gone.

One of my update photos from Favorite Barn Rat while I was out.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone!


  1. I am impressed by your shoe choice. Those would maim me and make me fall down. #flatsforever

    1. I'm a five foot tall woman in a conference full of men, I wear heels to look less like a child!

  2. Replies
    1. THEY WERE SO COOL! What a massive animal.

    2. That tank must be ENORMOUS. I wanna see a whale shark!

    3. Oh yeah, it wraps around and goes around corners and stuff. Huge! And I have to say, walking around/under that tank after a couple of drinks was pretty trippy. Highly recommended. Haha.

  3. love that aquarium!!! went to a christmas party there one year with an old college buddy - soooo much fun!

    1. That's so cool! I didn't know anything about it until we went. It was a fun place to have a party!

  4. The Georgia Aquarium is SO cool!! And I totally want that baby horse, soooo cute and fancy.

  5. Those stalls look amazingly beautiful!

  6. 737 winglet! Yes, I am a Boeing nerd. Glad you are back home after a great trip!


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