September 1, 2015

WPCSA Fall Show

Ever since I got Connor almost four years ago (wow!), I've told his breeder that if/when I ever got a truck and trailer, I would start bringing him to our local Welsh club's WPCSA shows.  Of course, I never believed 2015 would be that year, but it was!

But first, to grab your attention, a picture of baby Castleberrys Echo passed out in show stabling.  Awwwwwww.

A local all-breed open show group allows us to host WPCSA sanctioned classes at their shows so that our club doesn't have to host an entire show by ourselves, which is awesome.  It also means that my eyes lit up at putting Connor in a bunch of $6 classes.  And to make everything that much more awesome, Connor's Aunt Mary came down for the weekend!

Mary on Connor in the warmup for Equitation.
We had so much fun.  Connor ended up third in WPCSA C/D 3 years+ Halter, second in Open English Type Geldings, second in Sport Horse in Hand, fifth in the $100 Open Halter class, second in WPCSA English Pleasure, and Reserve Champion Open English Type, so it was a pretty good day, but really, it was just fun to show for the heck of it.

We also made $11 in paybacks, so it cost me a total of $69 for the whole day.  Including $20 for overnight stabling.  If only eventing was that accessible...hahahahahaha.

Thanks, Sabrina, for the photo!  I had Honey Nut Cheerios in my pocket and didn't feed him any during the class, but every time I put my hand in my pocket as if I was going to, he got super cute.

I entered Mary for equitation, (is that cheating?  Maybe.) and it turned out it was a pattern!  She pretended to be mad at me for 0.5 seconds.

Me: "What's 'hunt seat pleasure'?" Mary: "Why?" Me: "I entered it."

I rode Connor in WPCSA English Pleasure, in which he was amazing because he was intimidated by the covered ring (funny how that works) and the Hunt Seat Pleasure class, where there were a bajillion horses in the ring, so that was good experience for him.  He was tired by the end of that class (apparently it takes four laps of canter for the judge to see 19 horses...) and I scratched him from the rest of his classes.   My objectives for the day (get him to a WPCSA show, have fun, shift his paradigm by getting off the farm for something other than an event) were all met.

Favorite barn rat came along and helped show the baby pony, and did an excellent job of it.  I caught her texting while horsing on Connor's back when she was off-duty!
It's nice to be able to get my Welsh Cob into the Welsh Cob points standings, and to earn some points for his sire.  Can't wait for the spring show!


  1. Cool! Can't complain about $6 classes, that's for sure!

    Congrats again on the new trailer, and your first trip hauling your boy. So exciting!! And I'm jealous of your trailer backing/ solo hitching skills, I can get it done but it sure isn't pretty!

  2. Love the halter classes! I think the judge was wow'ed by the cute fat poneh with the awesome tail and adorable ears. ;)

  3. sounds like such a such a fun day! very cool also that the local club lets your group host sanctioned events in conjunction with their show. seems like it works out well for everyone!

  4. Ahhh I wish eventing could be that accessible too. Sounds like a fun day though!

  5. So fun! I miss going to shows like that.

  6. That tail!!! And what a fun outing!!

    1. Can you believe we banged three inches of it off that morning?!