October 2, 2015

Autumn Hack

Photo by FBR

Favorite Barn Rat and I's lessons back up to each other on Thursdays.  When my trainer left for two weeks, FBR asked if I wanted to spend our collective lesson time hacking on a Thursday.  Sure, I said!  And barn manager Lindsay ended up tagging along too.

Lindsay on boarder Aria, and FBR on her mount du jour, Skyler.

Skyler is a feisty redheaded former steeplechaser who has been converted first to a life of show jumping, and then eventing.  He's FBR's current lesson horse until he sells.  He'd never been out in the field before, so I suggested we hack first around the big fenced XC field, then head out for a hack across the road and through the woods.

Is he cute, or is he cute?   (He's for saaaaaaaaaaaaale!  He jumps 4ft!  Which of you wants him?)  Also, let us all admire FBR's legs - holy crap does she look good on a horse!  Skylar is a solid 16.2ish.  The girl is only THIRTEEN too!

I needn't have worried - my own horse was much more of a twit than Skyler.  He cat crouch spooked a couple of times, and also channeled his inner racehorse and jigged like a mofo.  Who would have guessed that the veteran trail riding pony would be the worst of an OTTB and a draftX who hasn't been out much?

Seeing dragons everywhere

We had a lot of fun though - the nice thing about Connor is that after almost four years together, I know I can handle anything he throws at me, so I just relaxed and let him be a twit (within reason) beneath me.  He settled down eventually, and we had a gorgeous, if very cold, autumn ride.

At least I didn't have to worry about him keeping up with the horses for once.

And we got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset on the way back.  Perfect.


  1. That looks like such an amazing time and wow, that sunset is gorgeous! So jealous of your ability to go on a nice long trail ride :-)

  2. um i want Skyler plz! lol sounds like a fun ride :)

  3. He heard from Simon that there were Ligers.