October 30, 2015

In Which Connor Goes in the JLC Clinic Without Me

So, I booked/paid for two lessons a week in October, hoping to nail down the position changes I made last month.  Except it ended up being a bad month for that.  My new job goes like this: an "engineer wrangler" (my words) has access to my calendar.  A customer says, "I want to upgrade my View environment!" and if my calendar is open, the wrangler says "I have just the person for you!" and my schedule gets filled.  I'm traveling, I'm working late, and it's unpredictable.

So my trainer has been riding him a lot lately, and yesterday, she texted me and asked if she could ride him in the JLC clinic this weekend at no cost to me.  She's got a spot for herself in the clinic and no horse to ride, and I'm short a few lessons that I already paid for, and she wants some insight from JLC on improving his canter.
Canter from January 2012.  We've both changed a lot!

Everyone wins: I don't have to ride for JLC again.  She gets to ride for JLC for the first time, which I know she wants to do.  Her awesome riding will probably make JLC think Connor made a miraculous turnaround in the past two months.  And we'll both learn how to improve Connor's canter under saddle.

Connor benefits from JLC/gets two trainer rides, and I'll be on The Hill at the Breeders Cup with my parents!  Later!


  1. Well that actually sounds like a lot of wins all together!

  2. Looking forward to what he has to say in regards to improving the canter! I hope you're enjoying your new job - you keep popping up on my linkedin feed!

  3. That sounds like win-win-win. Awesome! I can't wait to hear about it.

  4. lolz seems like it couldnt have worked out any better. will be curious to hear what JLC has to say this time...

  5. Ah, so jealous about you being at the Breeder's Cup!! I bet it was fantastic.

  6. I was only there on Saturday, but it was like an epic master class watching her ride for JLC!