Meeting Connor's Former Owners

Many of you know that Connor is mine because he 'flunked' out of driving school with husband/wife BNT's in Pennsylvania.  Driving BNT's.  CDE BNT's.  Lisa can correct me if I'm wrong, but I know they broke him to harness and I believe they broke him under saddle as well.  I know they gave him a good education both in harness and under saddle, even if they weren't the first on his back.

Baby C at the driving barn

They continue to make regular trips back to the midwest to look at Cobs and Dutch Harness Horses and other driving breeds both for themselves and clients, but I've never managed to meet them, until yesterday.

And all I got were two crappy pictures of Castleberrys Reveille, who GET THIS whinnies a tiny baby whinny when people come down to the barn, and comes straight up to you from across the pasture.  AWWWWWWWWW.  Who wants him?!

In short, THEY. ARE. AWESOME.  I loved them.  We had dinner at Connor's breeder's and I introduced myself and said, "So I'm sure you'll be surprised but Connor is still hard to catch."  They both laughed.  I had heard that PJ, the husband, was the only one able to catch him while he was there.  I'm SURE that didn't play a part in him flunking out of driving school...

Thanks to Nicole for the pictures of baby Connor at PJ and Tara's before I knew him!

They told me a (familiar) story in which Connor was alone in a paddock with no shelter and absolutely refused to be caught - in sleet and freezing rain.  Tara, the wife, was out there for three hours in the dark trying to catch him and finally gave up.   The next morning, she asked someone else at the barn to give it a try, worried he'd catch pneumonia, and he walked right up to that person.  Go figure!
Happy baby Reveille.  The most people-oriented of the people-oriented Welsh Cob breed.

In return, I told them about the time he spent Christmas Eve alone in a snowy pasture because he pulled that one on our poor former assistant trainer.  I was mortified.

PJ said he was confident he could hitch Connor up today and he'd still remember how to drive.  (Oh hey, you've driven my horse, that's weird!)  I said that sounds like fun...with him.  No way would I try that without a driving trainer.  Those spooks, in a cart?  Driving still terrifies me - you have so much less control over them than when you're on their backs!  Tara said she felt the same the first time she got into a cart (but obviously is way over that), so that made me feel better.

I told them to let me know the next time they're showing at the KHP, that would be a fun day trip, and exposure to a sport I currently know very little about.  Fun evening!


  1. OMG! I know PJ and Tara! My friend from college worked for them for several years and I've met them a few times due to that. They are LOVELY people and excellent horsemen. I haven't met a horse that came from their barn who isn't well started/broke. That is so awesome!

    1. I figured someone would! Small world! They are really incredible people. When was she there? She may remember Connor. He was there for almost a year on a sort of loan/trial from his breeder to see if he'd work out.

  2. I could believe Connor would hitch okay, Comrade did after almost 4 years. But I agree it is not something I would have done myself. Comrade is not as steady as Rosemary. Hopefully we will get to drive both of them on Monday. Wish I could meet PJ and Tara, they were gone the day we came.

    1. That would be fun! I'm sorry you didn't get to meet them, you should try someday. They are great people.

  3. That's so cool that you have so many connections and stories from Connor's past (especially since that also includes adorable baby pictures!).

    1. Yes, baby pictures! It is pretty awesome. There isn't a day in his life that is unaccounted for by people I know personally. It's nice.


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