November 11, 2015

Relating Video Games to Dressage

Husband: "There's a feature of Path of Exile that I really like that I think turns a lot of people off."

Me: "What?"

Husband: "In the beginning you start out kind of...soft, and damage prone, and not very effective, and the game feels slow and a lot of people are uncomfortable with that.  Then you grow and develop your character's skills through the course of the gameplay until you have this really powerful, nuanced character that you essentially built, and I love that.  But a lot of people give up early on."

Me: "So it's like Dressage.  You have to spend a lot of time 'developing your character' on the mundane details before you have the skills to progress to the fun stuff, and a lot of people give up on it in the meantime."

Now that conversation bridged two worlds!

(His response was that he feels like a lot of equestrian sports are like that.  I would argue that while that is true, Dressage is more that way than anything else.)

Gratuitous filler wedding photo.


  1. I love this! And cute wedding pic :)

  2. So much truth! Also what a gorgeous photo!

  3. I should print this out and show it to all my co-workers so they can understand what I do a little.

  4. You always win best wedding photos. :-)

    And yes. I've never felt as bad at anything as I do at dressage, but at least it isn't scary, right?

  5. lol sounds about right to me!! never give up too early :)