December 14, 2015

2015 Clip #2: With Mary

Our appraisal is done, our holiday open house was a total success, and I have pledged to take a week sabbatical from working on the house (after a month of almost literally working on it every waking moment that I wasn't working).

This house was made for Christmas.

Even after the sabbatical is over, the house won't take over my life anymore.  I can become a normal homeowner, with a normal house that has minor projects without the extreme timeline.  It's now totally livable and functional.  This's pony time!

Half and half.

Connor's Aunt Mary came into town for the holiday open house and helped me clip him on Sunday.  It's a balmy and unusual 65 degrees here this weekend, so it was really nice to do my second clip without gloves!

Evidence: that is a live fly on my horse's chest.  On December 13.  In Indiana.  Thanks, El Nino.

As usual, Connor was a good boy for his clip and it was nice to have Mary there to talk to and help.

Mary even jokingly put a temporary design on his hindquarters.  She said I would never know if it was a 'C' for Cubs (her team, my team's rival) or a 'C' for Connor.  I said it was any of the following: Cardinals, Columbus, Cummins, Connor or Castleberry's Contender.  But not Cubs.

(She buzzed it off right after we took this picture.)

"Whyyyyy is that lady behind me..."

Afterward, she tacked him up for a ride before she had to make the drive home.  Part two to come!


  1. I could not get in the mood to redo Rosemary's clip which is half grown out. If this heat wave continues I won't be able to put it off much longer. Not wearing gloves or a ton of clothes does make the job easier. Connor looks great!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it would have been warm enough even to bathe if we had done it the day before, when it was 70. But it went fast this time.

  2. Congrats on all of your house accomplishments- it's been fun following along and the results are VERY impressive (and inspiring)!

  3. Love the house! HOORAY on being at least partially done!

  4. Yay your house looks amazing and I'm glad it will no longer consume your every waking moment and you can now enjoy it!

  5. Your house looks incredible. Connor is a cute nekkid boy ;)

  6. Congrats on the house - what a relief it must be! Hope you can get some rest and some pony time now :)