January 7, 2016

2016 Goals

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I'm not even going to go back and look at my goals post for this year.  2015 was just one of those years - and that's okay.  I'd rather my yearly goals be blown up by landing my dream job and renovating a historic home than by something like unemployment, as they were in 2012 and 2013.

Worth everything.

So instead of looking back, I'm looking ahead to 2016.  What are we going to do in 2016?

- Show rated 1st level Dressage
I feel like I have to admit that he's got more talent here than as an eventer, and to not chase it a little bit would be foolish.  Plus we're both having fun with it.

- Show unrated 2nd level Dressage by the end of the year

- Take him to a schooling jumper show so Mary can show him
Because everyone benefits when Mary rides their horses.  (Me and Connor's first show jumping round ever, for either of us, GDHT 2013)

- Take him trail riding with Connor's breeder and Dr. Marks
This is changing my goals!

- School XC enough that Connor gets bored at BN...maybe...hopefully...

We always make it over with room to spare, but sometimes we do interpretive dance in the air over the fences.  JSHT, 2014

Note that there really aren't any eventing goals on there.  I mean, yes, I am going to event him, but probably not enough to make my USEA membership worth it (BN non-member tax is $25/event, a year's membership is about $85, so I have to do four rated events to make the membership worth it and that legitimately might not happen this year.)  I'm going to focus on Dressage and go with the flow on eventing.


  1. I ended up paying for a USEA membership last year and never made it to a single show haha. So now I'm a bit more hesitant to throw money at memberships. Also, yay for Dressage!

  2. ooooh yay i'm so excited to win the contest - congrats again on the 1000!!! also i like your goals. you and Connor really seem to be excelling in dressage and he's clearly got the affinity for it, hope you have a blast really going for it!

  3. Awesome plans! We're also going with a dressage focus with eventing for fun/likely just schooling shows - it's hard to ignore the dressage strengths with these cobs :)

  4. Do I smell a bronze medal in your future?!?!?! :)

  5. Ooh, yay! I can't wait to see Connor killing it in the dressage ring!

  6. Sounds like a plan to me!! I'm looking forward to following along for another year :)

  7. Always good to dabble in other areas, makes eventing more fun when you come back to it!

  8. Always good to dabble in other areas, makes eventing more fun when you come back to it!

  9. Those sound like pretty solid goals to me!

  10. Man that trailer and truck are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! 10 year old truck, got it for 2/3 of it's value, otherwise I wouldn't have it.

  11. You did have an awesome year, goals aside :D