March 1, 2016


Connor got his teeth done on last week.  I wasn't able to be there, but that's okay.  I was there the last time this guy did his teeth, and was over the moon thrilled with him.  Here's my post from that encounter where I talk in detail about the guy and his process.

I've written before that one of my favorite things about this guy is that he sends you a dental chart via email a few days after the float.  It lists what he did to the teeth, contains a diagram of what Connor's mouth looked like pre-float, and notes the amount of anesthetic the horse took.  Here's Connor's from last week, click to enlarge:

I'm so happy he's not listed as a Haflinger for once, I don't even care that my nine year old gelding is listed as a five year old mare!

The chart serves a few  purposes.  One, the owner knows what work was done and what the problem areas were.  Two, the dentist keeps them and refers back to them in later years to remind himself of the amount of anesthetic that that horse needed and any other quirks he noticed.  Three, we can both refer back to them and note any regularly reoccurring hooks/points/etc.  For fun, here's Connor's chart from the last time he had his teeth done:

You can see that this year he started him out with the same anesthetic dose that he used on him last time. (and then had to up it, apparently).

The official word was "Nothing crazy, just normal points and a couple of small hooks."

I'm normally exceptionally vigilant about protecting identities on this blog, but I wanted to plug his business in case any Indiana residents are looking for an excellent equine dentist, I left his contact information visible on the report.  He's constantly booked solid so it's hard to get an appointment with him, but he's worth the wait!


  1. Wait, what do you mean he's not listed as a Haflinger?!?! SOMEBODY FIX THAT, STAT!

  2. I'm laughing that hes now a mare hahaha

  3. My old vet used to give me those charts and I loved it! So cool to be able to compare check ups/dental work over the years.