March 30, 2016

White Gloves Update

I didn't say anything to my trainer about my glove purchase, just showed up, hopped on and started warming up.  After FWPG's lesson ended, my trainer watched us silently for a while, and then when I was on the far side of the arena from her, she said:

"Your hands are looking much more even your white gloves."

I said, "Yeah, I bought them after you called me out on my hands so much when I wasn't wearing gloves.  I wanted to make it easy for you to see my hands no matter where I was."

"It definitely does make it easier to see, I approve."

That was the last we directly spoke about it.  She's always got x-ray vision for positional faults, but when I was wearing the gloves, she was able to call me out on my issues no matter how close or far I was from her.  It especially highlighted my two worst faults to her: carrying my right hand higher than the left, and letting my left hand go flat.

Hanging around after I put him back out,hoping for cookies.

So, in summary, two white thumbs up!  They did exactly what I wanted them to do, and I'll be wearing them when I lesson with her in the future.