May 2, 2016

Killing Time at the Barn

I got out to the barn on Sunday morning, and it was the first day that it was really comfortable inside and outside of the barn.  The weather just said, "Find more excuses to be here..."  Not one to say no to the universe, I did.

- sorted my winter blankets.  Threw one shredded liner away, took the rest home to be cleaned, except his sheet.  He might still need that.
- cleaned out the corner my tack locker lives in.
- went through my grooming tote, cleaned it, and took photos so I can participate in that blog hop that's like a year old at this point.

- went through my secondary trunk and organized it.
- washed Connor's tail and tried out a new product that will get a review later this week.
- rode.
- gave Connor his first bath since October.
- clipped his goat beard, ears and bridle path.

APPARENTLY I should brush my horse's face more often.  Gross.
It was a much needed relaxing afternoon.  

Sudsy McGee over here.


  1. That sounds like the best kind of day!

  2. If you run out of things to do up there, come over by my house, mmkay? My list is endless!

  3. There are always things to be done at the barn!

  4. oooo you probably needs a cool goat hair face brush. It motivates me!

  5. I need to do this! NO better way to spend the day than at the barn