May 5, 2016

What's in your grooming box?

This blog hop is so old, I can't even remember who started it.  My apologies to the author!  When I was spending as much time as possible at the barn on Sunday, I decided it was a good time to clean mine out and show mine off.

My grooming tote is actually a toolbag.  Like, from the hardware store.  And it's seriously the best grooming tote I've ever owned.

In the front, I keep my sweat scraper and hoofpick.  Next to them, there's a pocket I keep a small amount of treats in (most of my treat stash is in a rodent-proof plastic jug).

Mrs. Pasture's, AKA Connor Crack

There are two sides to this tote, both big enough to hold an entire full size bottle of fly spray, although I don't currently have mine in there now.  Side 1 contains mostly non-brushes:

Here are its contents laid out:

Quicbraid, the brush I use for applying W.O.W, mitt, face brush, spare sponge.

Epona shedding curry, Connor's favorite rubber curry, sample size bottle of fly spray, bot knife

Side two contains all of my brushes neatly arranged on their sides, as well as my mane pulling comb, wide tooth comb and some other stuff in the loops on the "wall".

Here are side two's contents:

There's a zippered pocket on the back which is where I keep my shedding block - which is in teeny tiny pieces right now, sad.

Also on the back are four pen slots where I keep my dry erase marker and a permanent marker.  You never know when you'll need one around the barn!

The middle of the tote contains a small parts box held in place by the sides of the tote and by a velcro strap which I undid for the photo below.  Right now I just have bands in it.

It has both handles and a padded adjustable carry strap, which makes it great for shows, and best of all (I didn't plan this): it's the exact size of the bottom of my tack locker.  

If you're interested in getting one of these bad boys for yourself, you can buy this exact bag for $29.96 and free Prime shipping from Amazon here.


  1. There have been multiple versions of this blog hop so i don't think you need to worry :P

  2. I have a similar bag for actual tools. I love the plastic container in the middle. You're much more organized than I am.