June 27, 2016

SCA Sleepover

You ever have one of those moments where you look back at your blogging career and think, "How strange that putting my thoughts on the Internet about my horse led to this moment,"?

I did, on Friday night.  While being held up in the air by JenJ's husband so that I could impale half of a head of cabbage on a rival kingdom's tent spike.  Wearing borrowed medieval clothing.  While other cabbage spikers worked around us.  At 11:30pm.  Next to this.  Because what else do you do with a dozen cabbages that were halved in midair earlier in the day in a swordsmanship competition?  JenJ said, "It's going to be like TP'ing a house, only here we cabbage a tent."

In short: it was awesome.

On Friday night I did the following:
- Put a taxidermy bison head in someone's bed
- Partook in a scotch tasting featuring I think 12 bottles and over $1,000 worth of scotch, under a candlelit tent
- Late night Paddy cuddles (duh.)

Cause like, how could you not?  He is literally a living, breathing stuffed animal.
- Ate steak with my hands
- Wore my tall boots for long enough to finally break the right one in (yay!)
- Wandered a market that contained every possible good and material a medieval kingdom dweller could want
- Slept in my truck for the first time
I didn't realize this until last month, but my truck's back seats fold flat.  It's actually long enough for me to fully stretch out back there, and made for an awesome place to sleep.

- Woke up to a coffee house-quality latte made in JenJ's truck bed camper

JenJ's husband has many talents.

- The aforementioned cabbaging
- Wore another medieval outfit, this one originally meant for a 6' guy:

The only picture I got of this outfit, right after I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning.  Don't judge, I slept in a truck!
Blogging.  Taking me to the best - and weirdest - places since 2010!


  1. That is fabulously weird and fun!

  2. That really sounds like such a crazy but fun weekend!

  3. I love everything about this post! Sounds like a blast.

  4. So cool! and yes I have those thoughts all the time!

  5. That sounds exciting and fun!

  6. That is so awesome! I definitely want an adventure like that

  7. That coffee machine though.... <3

  8. This all sounds like so much fun!

  9. So much fun! You could have slept - in a bed - at our house...but that might have taken away from the over all experience :)