July 15, 2016

Lesson Recap: Mind Control

I didn't ride at all between my lessons this time, thanks to a trip back home for the wedding of my best childhood friend, and a work trip to Michigan.  Connor apparently didn't miss me though:

One of the barn workers sent me that while I was gone.  Bonus points for attention to detail, right?  I'd like to mention how much I appreciate it when the barn workers send me silly pictures of Connor while I'm traveling.  I know he's well-taken care of, but it's just nice to see him when it's been a few days.

While I was gone, trainer had FBR ride Connor in a lesson, and said he went really well for her.  She said it was nice for everyone, because Connor got a skilled ride, and FBR "got to ride an educated horse.  She's been riding a lot of green horses lately, and it was nice for her to ride something sensitive that has buttons she could play with."  Augh.  I'm just so proud!

Still pretty muddy on Thursday night, but nowhere near what he looked like in the picture.
I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, a really annoying one that has no pictures or video, but my lesson last night was SO good.  I can't believe how good things have gotten so quickly after we fixed my leg and shoulder.  I'm starting to be able to take a good ride and once he's warmed up, say to him, "Yeah, this is nice, but you can be fancier."

You hear that?  YOU can be fancier!
I finished my warmup by starting the walk-trot transitions in shoulder-in that we did last week.  My trainer pointed out that the weakest points in the S-I were when he took (on the right rein here) the right hind and moved it sideways toward the left hind instead of straight down the rail like he should be.  I would never have felt that, but she told me what it would feel like in my body: my lower back being moved sideways instead of forward as it should be.

Once I fixed that and put some effort into getting the right amount of bend, oh my gosh.  It was SO good.  We stayed on a figure 8 for a while, and moved between a more collected trot and a medium trot.  It felt like all I had to do was think about which one I wanted, and he was right there with me.

No riding media.  I am so sad about this.  I need a blog friend!

And even better than that, I didn't have to make a big deal about getting the right shoulder on the left rein and developing left bend carefully over a long period of time.  He just...went left.  And bent left. Effortlessly.

My trainer said, "You shouldn't be working hard for this quality of work," and I was like, "I'm not at all, this is the least I've ever worked on this horse."  And yet...it's happening.  We have had so many rides in a row like this, with him so on my aids I feel like I'm speaking to him via mind control.  I feel like I could ask for anything at any moment and he's ready for it.  Second level, we're coming for you.

Which means I need to get on it and start showing rated first.  It's happening.


  1. AHHHH THIS IS SO COOL!!! :D We need video of the awesomeness!

  2. So, so happy for you! Sounds like the training wheels have been removed. :D You put in the hard work necessary and are reaping the reward. Awesome!!

  3. So here's what we'll do- casually start dropping hints to A that she and the Zman should switch lesson slots with me because weds are so much better- be creative! ;)

  4. Woo hoo! Can't wait to see it happen. Also, he looks adorable all muddy like that and bonus that the barn workers got to deal with him like that and not you.

  5. This is so terrific. Keep up the good work.

  6. Wow this is so fantastic to read!