September 15, 2016

Equinpilot's Visit!

Yay, someone else wrote a blog post for me!  Read this first: Cob Jockey Puts a Cherry on Top

 You read it?  Okay, cool.  Here's my commentary.
Photos shamelessly stolen from Equinpilot's post about which this post was written, I haven't had a chance to go through my own pictures yet.
Equinpilot (Connor's full brother's rider) and Peggy (Connor's full brother's owner) came out to visit Connor while they were visiting the cob babies at Connor's breeders.  I have always had a standing offer for them to come ride him if they ever got the chance, and they finally did!

From my perspective, it's always interesting to see someone else get on him.  He's a tricky ride, and a one person ride, and I'm okay with that, but it does make him an interesting ride for others.

A while ago, we wouldn't have put anyone else on him, because, as my trainer said, "Connor never forgets."  But he's past that, and I'd honestly throw anyone on him that can sit through his stupid stuff.

(The stupid stuff was one of the funnier moments for me: while Equinpilot was on him, he spooked at something he shouldn't have wanted to spook at, and didn't spook at something he should've spooked at. She pointed that out, and I laughed, and said "I'm pretty sure that's why he flunked out of driving school.")

Jumping strange horses makes me terrified, but Equinpilot is not me and she gladly accepted - and I am SO glad she did.  The coolest part for me was watching him pack her over the fences.  She hadn't jumped in a while and was on a strange horse, so she basically let him do his thing.

I saw him making all kinds of decisions on his own down the line (ground rail, three stride) before cheerfully and quietly packing her over a crossrail.  Never in my life did I think I would get to that point with this horse, even over a crossrail.

Love this picture of both of them!  Equinpilot's form over fences is way better than mine.  Maybe that's part of my problem.  Ha!

I am so glad we got to do this, and I look forward to the day I can get out to the East Coast and ride Comrade!  Thanks for the fun afternoon, Equinpilot!


  1. Loved reading her account of the visit/ride and yours! I can only hope one day Miss Fergie will become a solid citizen like Connor.

  2. The visit and ride were awesome. I figured you would not offer the jumping opportunity unless he was good and he gave me a worry free ride, so I definitely was saying yes. I told you then and I still feel that way, you made my year. My Red Boys need to catch up.

  3. So cool. I'm perfectly happy to put anyone on Nilla, but it's nice when the visitors actually know how to ride.

  4. Conner is looking so grown up these days!