September 22, 2016

Harmony in the Park I: Friday Night Photo Dump

I didn't really need to do the last rated show of the year at the Hoosier Horse Park, but since my mom was able to come that weekend, I decided to do one day and have a nice confidence building outing before IDS Championships on October 1.

On Friday night, right as we got there and got unloaded, a big storm rolled up:

so we did what any reasonable person would do: ran for the nearest alcohol!

Once the rain stopped and the alcohol cleared our systems, I headed back out to get a ride in.

All photo credit goes to my mom!

Dressage in a jump saddle.

Didn't notice til writing this post that I missed a belt loop, dang it.

Gave my horse an actual bath with actual soap at an actual show, Connor's Aunt Mary eat your heart out!


  1. Looking good no matter what the tack :) Can't wait to hear about your rides!

  2. Drinks are never a bad choice at a horse show I'm pretty sure...

  3. Rain AND a bath? You are a horse abuser. ;-)

  4. I so rarely wear belts, but I pretty much always miss a loop when I do.

  5. I seriously didn't even notice you were riding in a jump saddle I was distracted by your beautiful dressage skills

  6. You guys look great! Except the belt loop :P Just kidding, I would have never noticed that haha

  7. The picture of him with his number on is soooo cute!