October 14, 2016

Sharing is Caring

Remember this?

How could you forget, I posted this on Tuesday. 
And this?

The horse, not my mom, but this picture is awesome.

Turns out Louie's owner Anna has been hunting for a Dressage saddle for a long time too.  And it turns out my new Devoucoux is her and Louie's unicorn.  It's best-yet-but-still-not-perfect-but-fine-with-a-half-pad on Connor, but it's perfect on Louie.  And with the two of us being the same height and about the same weight, it fits both riders perfectly.  I told her to give it a try, I had a feeling that would be the case after I saw it.


I am both unwilling to deny a friend an amazingly priced Devoucoux unicorn magically dropping into her lap and hoping for at least a six month break from saddle shopping for myself.  So Anna and I made a deal that she will pay me half of what I paid for it and we would share it until Rolex, when I hope to march into the vendor village and march out with an honest-to-god-fits-us-both Dressage saddle.  And then she'll buy out my half when I buy a new saddle.

Anna and Louie at our February 2016 schooling show.  A few hours after this picture was taken we all almost died in a freak snowstorm and then unexpectedly stayed the night with a fellow eventer because we couldn't make it home in the snow.  Let's just say me and Anna bonded that night!

It's great for both of us.  We almost never ride at the same time, and if we do, we both have jump saddles to fall back on.  And between what I made off my Thorowgood and what she's going to pay me, I will be at precisely $0 spent on the Devoucoux.  There may be something to this French backs thing, since Louie's jump saddle is an Antares, Connor's is a CWD, and the Dressage saddle that fits them both best is a Devoucoux.

Now that we're sharing it I may have to rethink the whole "French bachelor" analogy...


  1. It could be a French butler -- would that be less weird to share? 😂

  2. It sounds like a really great set up! Also, that picture of you mom is just the best (even better than the American Pharoah one)

  3. That is a really cool arrangement you guys came to!

  4. i feel like that kind of convenient coincidence NEVER happens with horses - lucky lucky!!

  5. I got my saddle at Rolex but the price wasn't as good as it would have been from an independent party. Just something to think about :)

  6. teamwork makes the dream work! lol

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  8. Nice! You're such a great friend