TRM Blog Hop: Before and After

This is a great blog hop for me to do, particularly because I've had Connor for five years this week.   I continue to be so incredibly grateful to his breeder and my trainer for making it possible for me to get him years before I thought I'd own my own horse.  He may not be the next Grand Prix superstar, but he's my partner in crime, my soul mate, and he's always down for our next adventure with pricked ears.

Conformation, November 2011:

Not-Really-Conformation-But-He's-So-Shiny September 2016:

Showing, August 2011:
PC: Connor's breeder

Showing, August 2016:

PC: Kelly's husband Paul.  This is my favorite photo from 2016!

Model pose, May 2006:

Model pose, mid-2016:


  1. Is there anything cuter than a bebeh Haffie like Connor? No, no there is not.

  2. Omg so cute! And Jesus, blindingly shiny too!! Love it 😍

  3. Oh my gosh baby Connor is too much!!

  4. Baby model pose is my favorite! Although grown up Connor is very handsome too ;)

  5. Love this post - Connor looks fantastic! I credit you for my decision to buy the fabulous Ffergie!

  6. So stinkin cute from day one. Happy 5-year you two!

  7. Loving how his pose hasn't changed much over the years, lol.

    Also, I hear you on the "Oh wow your horse is old". I've actually had people tell me they felt sorry for Suzie that she was still being ridden at age 22...

  8. Five years already, wow. He's so adorable!

  9. Omg baby Connor is adorable 😊

  10. omg Connor you are so stinkin cute!


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