November 10, 2016

"Where's Connor? There he is!"

Despite the fact that FBR has a horse of her own now, she still dotes on Connor.  Her horse is a classic thin-skinned, standoffish Thoroughbred that just doesn't have the sense of humor or tolerance for cuddling that Connor does.

(Although her horse has done the 4ft jumpers (whatever that is in meters), so, y'know, give and take...)

I was giving her a ride home after my lesson on Thursday and Connor was taking forever to cool out.  FBR started playing "Where's Connor?  There he is!" with him in the crossties, like you would with a baby.

"Whatcha got there?"

"Where's Connor?!"

"There he is!"

I get told so often by barn workers and visitors that Connor is their favorite because he's always so friendly and happy to see people.  Just one more reason I love this breed!


  1. That's adorable! I love Emi's big personality as's so fun!

  2. Yup, all the haffies are like that :D

  3. Ohmygod I love love love love love this post so much it warms me up and makes me happy.

    I want a horse that loves me.


  4. It's true. He's always a day brightener :-D

  5. D'aww!! Tho I gotta say - I switched from a standoffish mare with no sense of humor for cuddling to a thin skinned ottb who is basically a puppy. Methinks that's not a breed specific thing!!