December 14, 2016

Thanks, Andrea

A few days ago, Andrea posted about a lesson she had on Dylan, and something stuck out at me.  As riders, we are all too familiar with that phenomenon where you hear something one way your whole life, and suddenly someone else restates that thing a different way, and it clicks.

Andrea said "If I float a seatbone, he loses his hind end on that side."  It honestly didn't even register with me as I read it, but I found myself coming back to it during my next ride, which was a lesson.

What have I been told in the past by not only my trainer, but also clinicians? I...
- Scrunch up my right side
- Put too much weight on my left seatbone
- Need to "close the door" between my right arm and the right side of my body
- Have a more closed hip angle on the right
- Carry my right shoulder lower than the left

The view from my office window today.  Hello darkness winter my old friend

But as I was riding on Thursday, I very clearly felt why all of those things were happening: Connor has this move where he can toss me onto the left seatbone, so that all the weight comes off the right seatbone and the right side of my body crunches into a compensatory fetal position to counterbalance being thrown off balance.  He especially loves to do it when I'm asking for right bend and he don't wanna, so he tosses me over and lifts the right side of his back higher than the left while my "crunch" move renders the right side of my body totally useless to make him bend.  Smart pony.

My thought process went something like:
- Horse isn't straight, dammit.
- Remember Andrea's blog for some weird reason
- Hey, where ARE my seatbones?
- Oh, that one isn't touching the saddle, hmmm.  I'll put it back.
- Figured it out.

Even as far back as 2012, we loved to pile on the left side.  Both of us.  Collectively.

I had a great lesson, in large part because I was finally able to independently figure out what was going on, put all the pieces together, and resist Connor's signature move.

Thanks, Andrea!


  1. I got a whole post dedicated to me! That's amazing! :D

    1. Haha! You know you've made it as a blogger when...

  2. Dee has that exact same move! And then bam! Floating seatbone

  3. Those darn seatbones just don't stay where you put them :(

  4. Nice!! I love those aha moments! #oprahmoment

  5. Ugh horses, why you so complicated?!?

  6. I love it when something I've read floats back to me right when I need it

  7. Such a great post and what a great realization! I'm struggling with this right now too although it's the left where I float my seat bone. I'm going to keep this in mind for my ride tonight!

  8. Haha oh that is something to think about. I've been thinking a lot lately about this too, especially since I've been riding with a lot of different people than before.

  9. I have this exact problem, but with the opposite side.
    Clever ponies, lucky we have the blogosphere to keep us on top of them.

  10. Thats why I love being able to read everyone's blogs