January 9, 2017

Secret Santa Follow-Up: Miniature Horse Splint Boots Scale Photos

Well that was fun!

How about something a little lighter?

I had Cathryn at That Red Mare for my Secret Santa, and from the moment I saw mini-sized anything on her list, I knew that's what I had to buy her.  Shopping for mini tack sounded exciting!

Before I packed her gifts, I had a little fun with one of them (sorry Cathryn!)  I tried to take some photos to show the rest of you the scale of these mini splint boots because they are SO TINY! I had to share.

In no particular order, a 35lb dog:

No dog hair was left on the splint boots in the making of this photo.  I'm pretty sure.

A parrot:

A handle of Tito's:

(And for historical comparison and proof that I am nothing if not consistent, here's Connor's open fronts in...basically the exact same scale photo from September):

Finally, miniature horse split boots are the exact right size to double as a beer/soda/cider coozie, so if you ever find yourself lacking a coozie at a horse show or around the barn Cathryn, now you know my Secret Santa gifts can pull double duty for you.

I hope you and Spud get lots of use out of your new boots, and I hope you don't mind my photo shoot!  Enjoy!


  1. Interesting... I came here to comment on your new ambassadorship, just to see the post is gone. Something terrible must have happened in the comments. Hehehe. I just wanted to say congrats on your new gig with Majyk. They're an awesome brand, and you were definitely the person who sold me on their awesomeness. :)

    1. Nah, it was all good conversation, I never planned on leaving that one up very long from the moment I typed it.

  2. Oh my goodness, lol!!


    Good to know it can double as a drink coozie.

  3. Mini splint boots as drink coozies? BWAHAHAHAHAAA!

  4. Omg I want a mini just to collect the adorable tiny tack 😍

  5. LOL!! I collect coozies... a mini splint boot MIGHT have to be added to the collection...

  6. We have a driving mini at our barn and while my horses loose their minds every time the tiny thing is being driven, all of it's tiny gear (tiny polos and bell boots... tiny brightly colored winter blankets...) is adorable and tiny splint boots are even cuter!

  7. ROFL! OMG I absolutely love this, haha. I love how your go-to comparison is a handle of liquor

  8. I'm just glad I'm not the only one that has Tito's by the handle :)