January 4, 2017

Secret Santa!

One of my favorite parts of blogging is this community we've cultivated, and Secret Santa is an awesome example of that.  Thanks to Tracy for putting in the work to make it happen year after year!

I always give several "hints" in my request to Tracy so that my Secret Santa can pick and choose the things they like best.  (It's a strategy I've had to employ in my personal Amazon list as well...my Grandma on my dad's side has a habit of looking at my list and deciding nothing "feels right" (What, trailer organization doesn't feel right?))

But this year my Secret Santa got everything I put on there and then some!  Thank you to Amber at Thoroughbred Adventure!

A stiff brush with a nice rubberized grippy back:

A softer brush with a padded and jeweled strap:

Three pairs of winter boot socks:

A Mrs. Pasture's stocking that I'm sure Connor will devour:

Two candy canes, and, most unexpectedly, a jar of Higher Standards!  I didn't ask for that, but it's a great gift, since my original jar is pretty old and the sponge melted into my Viva Carlos Sweet Lemon jar, so...it's kind of hard to use.

I've never tried this scent before, but I really liked it!
Thanks so much, Amber!  You went above and beyond for sure!


  1. So many goodies for all! Thanks again for participating <3

  2. Ooooh nice swag bag!! I need to get my hands on some higher standards eventually

  3. Nice!! What great gifts and this is reminding me that I need to get another container of Higher Standards!

  4. I'm glad you like it! I figured saddle soap could never go wrong since I know I have at least three jars hanging around that I rotate through :)

  5. Cool gifts! I love the HSLC. And socks are always in demand for me.