January 24, 2017

Standing Square

I've known Connor for over six years now.  Seems crazy, doesn't it?  It's long enough that when something catches my eye about his behavior, I know it's probably new.  

Ever since I've known Connor, he's always cocked a hind leg rather dramatically when resting in the crossties or under saddle.  Under saddle, you literally feel like you might slide off his hip when he does it.

In chronological order, back to 2012:

Fall 2016

Summer 2016

April 2016
September 2015

December 2014

October 2014

August 2013

Even under saddle, and when he's thinking square with the front feet, he still cocked a hind foot:

But lately, probably for about six weeks now, he's been standing square:

All the time.

Even under saddle.

Alli's experience with fellow Castleberry Cob owner Tara the bodyworker/CDE driver would lead me to think he's been standing square because we're finally developing both sides of his body evenly.  That's certainly a possibility after a month of being ridden by my trainer five days a week, and then me basically only riding in lessons since then.

One way or another, I've seen it happen for long enough now that I'm convinced it's a real change, whatever caused it.  Pretty cool!


  1. Comrade and Roscoe are both that way in the cross ties, though not so much under saddle. Totally know what you mean about falling off a side when they do cock a leg while I am mounted though. I do remember Comrade standing more square after getting chiro. Hope Connor keeps it up so I have a chance of the red boys getting there!

  2. All of the sudden T started standing and halting square too, about 3 months ago. When he's uneven I can feel it and give him a tiny nudge, and he squares right up. SO WEIRD.

  3. That is VERY cool! I think it also has to do with 'square' finally being comfortable for them because their muscling is finally even - it becomes kind of the 'go-to' posture. So exciting that Connor is making this big physical development!

  4. ... Now I need to figure out which leg my horse rests so I can hopefully watch her do the same transition over the next year!

  5. Very interesting observation and makes sense from a biomechanical/bodywork standpoint.

  6. That's definitely something interesting to observe! I've never thought much of it beyond "oh my horse is now relaxed". Then again my mare's leg cock has never been as dramatic as Connor haha

  7. Oh interesting. Simon always cocks a leg too. I've pretty much blamed his bad hocks and uneven arthritis back there as the culprit.

  8. My mare would always stand up real square after chiro and acupuncture. Definitely makes me think it's related to how they feel in their body!

  9. Interesting! Ginger always stands with one hind leg cocked, even when she's about to explode. Now I'm curious whether there's more to it!

  10. That's so good that he's changed so that he's feeling good and able to stand square!

  11. This is so cool and he is just standing so square!!