February 15, 2017

FBR Update

FBR continues to bask in the glow of "first horse ownership".  Her big red former steeplechaser and show jumper has spent the winter upping his game in Dressage and packing on the muscle.

She's growing up too, having just got her permit.  I gave her a ride home on Saturday, and let her drive my car.  Gotta say, it was pretty nice to only have to drive half of my 45 minute drive home, I could get used to that!

I told her to "look responsible" and this is what I got.  C+, needs work.
I also put her to work attaching my new blanket tags to my blankets (after a young barn worker that's not FBR put Connor's medium on him on a 65 degree day instead of his sheet as my trainer had instructed her, poor guy.  He's fine and she won't make that mistake again, both because she learned her lesson and because I'm labeling my blankets (which all look the same)).

She did the first two blankets, and then had to do the last one with Connor standing in the crossties knowing his grain had just been dumped in his stall five feet away.  He was a good boy, but he was definitely like, "Why the F am I still standing here guys...it's dinner time..."

Is it bad that I'm already dreading when she goes to college?  She's a fun kid to have around!


  1. Aww, I know the feeling. My FBR left a couple of weeks ago to work for a 4* rider in England. I'm torn between being super proud of her and missing her :)

  2. What do you use to make the tags? This is a great idea!

    1. I get them from haltertags.com. They're the bridle/blanket tags, $5.95 each. They get engraved with the weight of the blanket (and I could put his name on the flip side but I don't), and they come with the S hook I use to attach it to the rings on the front of the blanket or liner. It works great!