March 1, 2017

Rides Lately

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to write about how my rides right now are going, so this post will probably reflect that.  Apologies in advance.

My rides lately have been very different from what I've done in the past.  I'm taking more responsibility for myself and my riding education.  I'm still taking lessons, but there are biomechanics things that my trainer can't physically fix for me, and I'm really buckling down to internalize good position and learn more.  I'm reading a lot, and thinking a lot.

No, I didn't ride bareback, but I did strip his saddle off after a ride and drag him back out to the outdoor for some photos.

I have had some great rides on my own lately - truly, surprisingly great.  When I have them, I focus on two things: getting enough/good bend, and all of Connor's legs traveling in the direction I think we're going in/getting the right shoulder.

But Connor's legs don't all go in the direction we're going in unless I'm sitting well, which means I'm in the middle of the saddle.  And he doesn't move through my body unless the front of my body is "long" and my core is engaged.  And he can't really move forward unless my biceps relax and I keep less of a bend in my elbow.  And his hindquarters won't stay behind his body when I ask for more bend unless my outside leg is on the horse and not floating somewhere else.

Ah this horse is so cute.

None of that is new information, but for the first time, I'm really taking responsibility for internalizing it.  It means a lot of our rides are sloooooooooow right now - lots of walk, lots of thinking, lots of feeling.  But it also means we're filling in some gaps in our education.

More to come on this...


  1. I just love how perfect you two are for each other! He's making you be a better rider, and you are definitely making him a better pony. Love you both, and am excited for your future.