April 19, 2017

2016 Year End Awards

At the show last weekend, Liz and I finally managed to sync up so she could give me the Indiana Dressage Society year end awards she picked up for me at the banquet I couldn't attend in November.  I was just expecting a single ribbon for Reserve High Percentage First Level Adult Amateur, but...

It ended up being the biggest satin haul of my life!

The red ribbon and the platter are for the Reserve High Percentage award, and the fifth place ribbon is in memoriam of my dismal Championship test that caused me to sob every time I thought about it for a week or two.  But, that's what gave me the drive to really buckle down over the winter, so no hard feelings, giant pink ribbon.  You can stay.

"K thanks"
Also this bronze IDS pin, although I am genuinely not sure what this is in recognition for.
Obviously I won't be eligible for the adult amateur awards this year after declaring as a pro to take the Majyk Equipe sponsorship, so it makes it that much sweeter to have earned these last year.


(The funniest part of Liz giving these to me at Heartland was walking through this schooling show, which gives out understandably small ribbons, holding these giant ribbons.  People kept staring at me to the point where I felt I had to explain myself.  Probably crushed some dreams when folks realized no, they weren't handing out three foot long tassled ribbons.)


  1. Congratulations! I love that tray- it's beautiful.

  2. Congrats! Well deserved awards! The pin is a Rider Achievement Award - when you earn 4 scores over 60% at any one level, Training thru 4th.

  3. Congrats!!! Those are BEAUTIFUL ribbons :)

  4. Holy awards haul! Congratulations, even if that championship test isn't a great memory... hopefully it will evolve in your memory to be a jumping off point for awesomeness, because I think you and Connor have a lot of awesomeness to come!

  5. Woah! Those are epic ribbons and that tray is gorgeous!

  6. GORGEOUS satin, and that tray is fantastic! I hope you conveniently leave it out on a coffee table where everyone can see it... forever.

  7. Those ribbons are amazing! Congrats (belated though I suppose it is)

  8. YAS! Love me some big year-end satin -- congrats!!