April 10, 2017


Oh hey, I have a horse show coming up this weekend!

And before then, I have a whole bunch of work stuff to get through that's weighing so heavily on my mind that I can't sleep, so I'm blogging.  How bout that.

My official "we're keeping it" photo.  I look like I've just seen a ghost because I had just received a phone call that a customer five hours away from me was about to go down hard due to a power outage, and I am asked which out of the hundreds of thousands of dollars of gear should my team prioritize to shut down gracefully because we didn't have enough battery backup runtime to save it all.  Poor pony.  I literally jumped on long enough for my trainer to look at the saddle and ran.

We're headed to a "knock the rust off" schooling CT held in April of every year that's really everyone's first chance to get out in this area, unless you go to an indoor Dressage show over the winter.

(Which, after coming inches away from rolling down a hill in the truck and trailer last year when I went to one of those, I am never doing again.  Winters off, period, end of story.  Doesn't even matter if it's a freak 60 and sunny day in February, I am out.)

Shadows make the gullet hard to see here, but just trust me, it's beautiful.
It's also going to be my first opportunity for my trainer to warm me up since I started doing straight Dressage, and the first time in almost two years she's warmed me up at anything.  I still don't feel like I have a good warmup plan for Connor at shows, so I'm taking the opportunity to win the warmup and ride just one test that I know we're aces at, 1-2.

The shows come hard and fast in May, so I'm not worried about being lazy at this one.  If I ask myself "What do I want to get out of this show?" I want a good warmup plan more than anything else.

Found my favorite braiding needles at JoAnn Fabrics when I went in for a new roll of yarn.  
Just gotta make it through the week first...


  1. Fingers crossed for the work issues and i hope all goes well at the show. Looking forward to hearing what your trainer suggests for most effective warm up 😊

  2. Good luck!! I feel your pain on the work stuff... my husband gets the same look on his face when he gets an alert like that! Good luck and enjoy those braiding needles - they ARE the best!

  3. We are waiting till May for our first show but Heartland is always fun & busy. You and Connor will rock it!

  4. Oooh a show! Awesome! And also that saddle looks amazing. So glad you found one that fits!

  5. Have a great show! It will be fun to give the new saddle a real test.

  6. So cool that you're that close to your first show of the year! Up here in the north it's at least a month and a half away yet haha. Sending you lots of positive show vibes :)

  7. Go get 'em! And I will see you guys at IDS!