A Nose Scratching Pixio Clip

I've had the Pixio video from last week's lesson for a while, but my thoughts on the ride changed completely after seeing the video.  It felt one way to my body, and looked totally different.

It's interesting, because my lesson write up would have been totally different without the video.  Now, I'm not so sure about what I felt.


I will share this one clip, which I think sums up what kind of ride Connor is.  In it, he's at a free walk on the buckle and I go to scratch my nose.  When I scratch my nose, my torso position changes slightly, and you can see him pause with his left fore on the ground and think "Did she just ask me to halt?"  He decides that I didn't and keeps on trucking, but my trainer is always telling me I need to be especially consistent in my body with him - this is why.


  1. Haha I hate when I think I'm the bees knees and then someone takes pictures and it's like "wtf who is that monkey and what are they doing to my horse". Self criticism is the hardest to take, I think.

    Wait I retract that statement slightly. It's the second hardest to take after that weird old man I can't stand.

  2. Fascinating! That's a really good depiction. I really need to figure out a way to video more of my rides

  3. You totally asked him to halt. Watch your body... you stop moving your hip and your weight shifts slightly onto the front of your pelvis as you lift your hand. Damn you are lucky to have such a sensitive haffie!

  4. What a great lesson. I love Connor! :D
    Back in the day, when I still had a trainer... her schoolmasters could bring me to tears with their sensitivity. In the beginning there were many times I ended up with them parked at the gate looking longingly at their turnout buddies grazing, refusing to move and probably hoping the confusing lady's lesson would be over soon. Firmly but politely giving up on my communication skills lol...

  5. Interesting. I should record my rides more often. But I generally find them so depressing to watch.

  6. Wow that GIF was super interesting to watch! Sometimes when my horses are being especially "goofy" I wonder what on earth I'm doing in my body to provoke them. Riding is hard, I should take up knitting.... haha. Video of my rides makes me curl up in the fetal position and sob lol.

  7. That is totally fascinating. Thanks for sharing it. I'm going to be thinking about that for a while.


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