May 17, 2017

Settling In

After the show, it was time to take Connor to his new home, just 25 minutes from the showgrounds.
We have arrived!

He was a perfect gentleman and charmed our new barn owner('s daughter) almost immediately.  She's my age, and used to show top level Western Pleasure (owns an OTTB now) and couldn't believe how "engaged and expressive" he is compared to QH's.

He's been there a few days now, and he:

- Has become BEST friends with the BO's OTTB.  I haven't yet gone to the barn and not found them both sidled up to the wall between them, standing as close as they can get to each other.  It's the first time ever he's had a stall wall adjoining another horses where he could see them, so yeah, he's happy.

- Has figured out the auto-waterer in his stall (and not in a bad way...yet)
Auto-waterer next to him.  Sure takes a load off my mind, not to have to worry about buckets and barn help.

- Has not figured out the auto-waterer in his paddock yet despite me leading him over to it.  It's in a corner and shared by three turnouts.  We're working on that.

- Was a complete lunatic for our first ride there.  Screaming, spooking at every possible stimulus, turning his head to look at things when we're in the middle of work.  But, I choose to see this as a positive: it's practice for a new show ground, right?

- Has only been hard to catch once on the first day, otherwise he's been coming to the gate (solo turnout so far though)

- Has been getting slowly reintroduced to grass pasture after being drylotted for years.

Two of  turnouts they have.

They're on night turnout for the summer, so I've offered to go out and pull him off at night a few hours after he goes out while he's transitioning so the BO's don't have to.  They appreciate it, and honestly, I'm delighted that he's so close I can ride him, go home for dinner, and come back out to bring him in and it's not a big deal.  Round trip plus bring in time on Monday night was 30 minutes, vs the 2 hours that would have taken me at the old barn.  I don't know if timing my trips will ever get old!

Also, the only other boarder left me a note in the feed room before we met.  Especially since you just never know how someone is going to feel about you moving in on them, it was so sweet of her, and we've since met and she's just awesome.


  1. So so happy for you and very glad Connor is doing great in his new home! I did miss seeing that sweet "engaged and expressive" face last night when I came in the barn ;) Luckily, I have your blog to get my pony fix! Also, in-stall auto waterers?!!? ::swoon::

  2. So glad the transition is going well so far!!

  3. Gosh this move could not have gone any better! Connor looks quite happy in his new digs!

  4. This sounds like an ideal transition! So happy it worked out so perfectly for you and Connor.

  5. Fabulous! So thrilled for you and Connor!

  6. What a total jackpot of a barn, environment and commute! It's so positive to see your horse settle in and be happy so quickly.

  7. So happy to hear that everything is working out so well! I've been anxious to hear how this goes for you and glad that you're enjoying the new place and your new drive. I'd love a drive like that :)

  8. Sounds like a great barn. I love having my horses so close. I sometimes end up going out there multiple times in a day.

  9. I think you've both landed in boarding heaven!!!

  10. Sounds like the most positive move ever! Re: the autowaterers...we have horses at the barn who I'm pretty sure are never *really* going to figure out the paddock ones..looking at you, Q mare, who STILL paws at the waterer thinking that will magically release the water ;) Connor, I'm sure, will be much wiser and more resourceful in figuring it out. We do keep an extra bucket with a float system to refill it for backup just in case.

  11. So glad he's settling in well and so happy!

  12. That barn seems perfect for you guys!! Moving your horses closer to home is one of the best feelings ever.