June 28, 2017

WW: Hack Out at the New Barn

Was a full set of XC boots and bell boots overkill for a hack?  Maybe, but he's been going so supernaturally well lately, and National Dressage Pony Cup is just over a week away.  To say I am practically superstitious  when it comes to horse care right now is an understatement.


  1. Looks like a lovely ride! Good luck!

  2. Beautiful place to hack! I bet you are loving having him so close to home. Pony Cup! I was texting with Lisa last night - she is so excited and proud of you both :)

    1. I am, it's totally changed my relationship with him having him so close. I'm so glad she gets to go with us! She has three Castleberry Cobs representing this year. Maybe next year you should be the fourth!