July 4, 2017


Well, I thought I'd be writing a different post today, but instead I'm writing about this:

Sweat scraper for scale

Sometime between Sunday evening and Monday evening, Connor developed a huge hematoma in the girth area behind his left elbow.  His very first injury of any kind, three days before the biggest show we've ever done.  Of course.

I went around and around with Mary trying to figure out what it could be.  No bug bite, no heat, did not palpate sore, no changes in tack or girth, my tack is cleaned or wiped down after every ride.  He's sound as could be, as evidenced by this:

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We finally decided it's likely a pressure sore from laying down, which we know he does often.  The stalls aren't bedded very deeply at the new barn, and the side of his left hoof almost perfectly lines up with the middle of the lump.

His hoof had slipped out of my hand here, but you can see what I mean.
So I cold hosed it, ran him around in the outdoor a bit, cold hosed it again, cleaned his stall and added a ton of sawdust (also leaving a note explaining and offering to pay for additional sawdust even though I know they won't let me pay extra, because I'm not going to be that boarder).  Hopefully it goes down quickly.  I would be devastated if this kept us from going to Pony Cup.

(The one awesome thing about this: I live close enough to cold hose him myself now!  It's the little things.)


  1. Dang...fingers crossed that goes down today and you get on your way to Pony Cup!

  2. Unfortunately if it's a hematoma they can take awhile to go down (got that T-shirt!). It might be a result of an injury higher up but gravity pulls the fluid ventrally.

    Hopefully it disappears quickly!

  3. I have my fingers crossed for you as well!

  4. Sending all the positive vibes I can that it goes down quickly.

  5. Crossing fingers it goes away quickly. It does look exactly like the one a mare at our barn has from laying in the gravel paddock, so I bet the extra bedding will help!

  6. You can try using DMSO (they make a little roller-ball applicator that's easy to use) to help the hematoma reabsorb more quickly. Usually it takes a long time though, Jetta got one on her belly and it took forever and a half to go away.

  7. Hate hematoma's. I hope his reabsorbs soon (I've had a couple myself and motion has always helped me)