July 11, 2017

NDPC Contest Results!

We're back from Pony Cup!  But before I launch into my recap, I'm sure you all want to know the results of the contest!

This one could have gone either way.  It could have went high, with a ton of people thinking he was one of the many Haflingers there, or it could have gone low, since most of the people there really know their ponies.
Really, if you look at him, he doesn't look like a Haflinger.  Really.

Photo credit: my momma

In the end, it went...low!  Connor got mistaken for a Haflinger three times.  T, Jess, Carly and Karen all guessed correctly, in that order.  I entered them in the order they guessed into the random list generator at Random.org and...

Carly is the winner!  Carly, you can choose which prize you want, either the Riding Warehouse prize bag or the full set of Gen 2 Majyk Equipe XC boots.  Whichever one you don't choose, Jess gets.  Karen and T, as runners up you guys get a 20% off coupon to RidingWarehouse.com.  Email me at my spam address, jalean 11 at gmail dot com to claim your prizes!

Thanks everyone for playing, that was a lot of fun!  I wish you could have seen my entourage throwing up their hands every time someone called him a Haflinger.  It was a blast!


  1. I'm kicking myself for guessing so high, lol. But yay for all the winners!!!

  2. Yes!! I had faith in the pony people!!

  3. I guessed way too high lol. Yay for Carly!!

  4. So fun - and congrats to the winners!!! I bet Lisa just loved Connor getting called a Haffie :)

  5. This was such a fun contest!! haha oh Conner!

  6. Haha, I was like, I know I guessed more than 3. Congrats other Jess!