July 13, 2017

NDPC: Schooling Thursday Night

My plan for Thursday was to do my warmup, get him soft, balanced and listening, and quit.  Oh, and walk past everything that could possibly scare him the next day:

Ring familiarization: we do that.

Photo credit for all photos in this post: Lisa Brezina (Connor's breeder)

(If you're wondering why it looks like I dressed in the dark, I was supposed to be wearing a white Smartpak shirt, but it was raining almost all day and I didn't want to turn my ride into a wet t-shirt contest.)

Not that our tests were bad, but Thursday was hands down the best ride of the weekend.  I patiently waited for him to relax, and rode as well as I can right now position-wise.  You can tell we're both relaxed in the photos.  He walked down to the Dressage complex a bit up, but he walked back on the buckle - and if you know the KHP, you know that's no small feat for a nervous pony.


  1. Love the pics! You and Connor looks wonderful - KHP is a beautiful but scary place.

  2. I actually really like your shirt & breeches color combo :)

  3. Omg it's so surreal to see you riding there.

    I mean, I realize it's less of a big deal to midwest people but it seems like a big damn deal to me. ;-)

  4. I giggled at the "dressed in the dark" comment -- that ensemble totally looks like something I would wear intentionally 😂

  5. Just fabulous! I am so sorry I missed your rides!

    1. Lol, I'm still glad I can say I "saw" you when you waved at me as we were pulling out! As much as I wanted to stick around, I wanted to get the good pony home and it was nice to be home by 5pm!

  6. Love the pictures! I would never have guessed that he started out nervous, of course other than the fact that it's a big scary place, because he seemed so calm and at home on Friday and Saturday.