Heat Wave + GMO Championships

Like many of you, we're stuck in a ridiculous heat wave right now, with temps some 15 or 20 degrees above normal.

It's been going for almost a week now, and with Connor's winter coat already well under way, it's been causing some real problems for us.  I came out one day last week to find him already inside for the evening, but covered in sweat crystals, EVERYWHERE.  In places he doesn't even normally sweat on hot rides.  

Post-bath hand grazing

I immediately lobbied my trainer for night turnout for him until the heat broke, which she did and ended up switching the whole barn back to.  So that helps, to be under a fan with unlimited water in the shade.  But there's still that whole "GMO championships" thing on Saturday.

Instead of riding on Friday, we did a bath and hill walks.  Together.  In hand. #fitness

I feel bad.  He's wearing a winter coat on days with July temperatures, and in any other circumstances, I would just give him time off.  I don't want to clip him a month early when we know the heat will break on Wednesday night, and he'll want that winter coat for the transition period in the next few weeks.

But I can't stop riding the week before championships.  So I've gotten up early and I've kept it short.  Thank goodness we figured out that lunging thing last week, because that's really helped me shorten my rides.  And I tell him I'm sorry a lot and give him more cookies than usual.  

Sitting in my truck waiting on a marathon to pass so I could ride, and watching the temperature on my rearview mirror go up 10 degrees in the 45 minutes I sat there, ugh.

Is this heat throwing anyone else a major curveball?


  1. Ugh we are in the same boat, but thankfully I'm pretty sure we're also done showing for the season! I've been doing harder rides in the morning when I can, but mostly just giving Dino time off at this point. Kind of puts a damper on things; I keep getting invited on trail rides and fun jump schools but I just can't ride him like that in this heat!

  2. Finally some shitty weather that I get to miss out on!!

    Um I mean that totally sucks for you what a downer.

  3. Welcome to #texasproblems lol. This is normal for us!

  4. I body clipped on Saturday. No way around it really... even with the clip it's so hot and humid we're still on our usual summer "keep rides super short" schedule. Just hoping we'll get a cold front for Championships so I won't be riding a baby dinosaur stuck in a tar pit.

  5. Ffergie is handling the heat well, even though she is getting very fuzzy. We ride about 6 pm which puts part of our arena in shade. I joke that we should move to FL since heat normally equals good rides for us!

  6. I tried to go do gallop sets Friday morning before I left for the weekend, got there early, thought I'd be fine... nearly killed both of us I think. What is this madness?!

  7. My guys are getting fuzzy the other horses on the farm are straight out hairy. It's been especially hard on the colts because of the flies that have reimmerged from hell.

  8. Same here! Poor horses are sweating just standing around! I'm like you though, have been riding early and just working on little things and taking a break. Keep rides short. About all you can do!

  9. What is this break in the heat you speak of? We've spent the last two days clipping everyone in the barn with no end to upper 80s anywhere in sight. Where was this weather during the actual summer??

  10. Having an arabian that's pretty fit the heat seems to only be causing me the problems!


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