September 19, 2017

No Mares for Connor

My trainer moved her horses and gear to the new barn a few weeks ago.  You know when you introduce a new horse to a facility/field and everything is bananas for a little while?  

Take a group of three horses that hasn't changed in years,  add two (Connor and Z), wait a few months, subtract two (the two retirees that moved to another facility owned by the BOs), then move six new horses from their old barn to a new barn all at once.  IT. WAS. CRAZY.

Fellow boarder, me and my trainer looking on at the Labor Day cookout we had at the barn while our horses ran around like idiots.

This is how we found out my sweet, go-with-the-flow pony who is legendary for his ability to not give a damn who he's turned out with or where he's turned out cannot be turned out with mares.  They were fine in a mixed group of 4 geldings and 1 mare for several days, then all of a sudden he decided (16.2hh...) N was HIS, and the poor appendix they're turned out with was not allowed to get close to her (all the other geldings were cool though).

He ran the poor guy around and snaked his neck and pinned his ears and I've never seen him even so much as pin his ears at another horse before, so I was pretty stunned.

He's sexy and he knows it?

It was such a surprise to all of us that Connor of all horses would act like that, but some geldings are just like that.  So, single gender turnout for the little guy from now on!

But it took us a while to catch them all that day because they were galloping around the big field like carousel horses.  By the time we did ,Connor had earned himself a very deserved teeth scrape down his spine that's mostly healed by now, and thankfully was right in the center of my saddle's gullet so no time off.


  1. Some mares are just worth it! ;)

  2. Silly boy :) but he just wants everyone to know he's the man!!! 😁

  3. so much majestic albeit unnecessary shenanigans...

  4. Poor Connor- obviously it's a true love.

  5. Yeah mixed gender herds are typically not a great idea. I've never had good luck with them.

    1. We've had mixed success (ha). It's tough right now because we have a single female on the property with eight geldings, and we don't want to isolate her. So she's going out with other geldings, just not Connor.

  6. Lol Conner. You are not a stallion dude.