October 10, 2017

Winter 2017 Clip #1

I've been trying to hold off on clipping for so long.  Normally I clip after October 15th, and while I'm still the first to go every year in my barn, at least that usually gets us to where he can wear a sheet 24/7 and not need a million blanket changes.

Not this year.

That's the forecast for October 13, 14 and 15.  Wow.

Last Saturday I woke up to sunny skies, a high in the 80's and a stiff breeze - aka, weather that would dry my Yak super fast after the bath I'd give him before I clipped.  And I looked at the forecast - more 80's for the foreseeable future (CRAZY).  And my decision was made.

Drying after his bath
With two sets of blades freshly sharpened by my local clipper guy, it took me less than 45 minutes to give him his first (and not last) buzz of the year.

He's a lot darker under there this year as a result of being on night turnout all summer.  And my favorite part of clipping him: the dapples.

Now I'll feel a lot better about riding him in this heat.


  1. I did my first clip 3 weeks ago. CRAZY.

  2. We need it too - the weather is so crazy! I'm not complaining because I'm terrified of winter, but poor pony is getting way too sweaty.

  3. My friends are clipping here in Ontario which is pretty unheard of this time of year!

  4. If Nilla was actually being ridden she would have been shaved back in September, she's so freaking fluffy. Thankfully Levi is much less hairy.

  5. I think Thursday is clipping day for me! It is chilly here but between the heated barn and the work we're doing she's getting sweaty. I won't take off quite as much hair though :)

  6. Clipping already?!? Say it ain't so!