November 30, 2017

What We've Been Up To

I rode three days in a row last weekend and Monday before leaving for another work trip...story of my life this year!

Saturday was supposed to be a nice relaxing hack in the hay field, but it turned into a full on schooling ride when homeslice started jigging, prancing and then took off with me.  I know he was having fun, but dude, all you had to do was walk around on a lovely fall day!  Instead he got put to work.

On Sunday, we jumped!  Just a tiny crossrail in my Dressage saddle, but he definitely took me to the fence.  Jumping for fun and variety is something I want to revisit this winter.  That CWD has been sitting in the tack room for far too long.

I miss you.
On Sunday and Monday both, I really honed in on something my trainer brought up in last week's lesson: What makes me not want to go left on him?  How am I sitting that I'm giving him an avenue to drift to the outside in both directions but in very different ways?  And why are left circles so ineffective for developing bend with me and not my trainer?

Look at this.  LOOK AT THIS!  Progress.
Turns out, I'm pretty sure it's because my pelvis and torso positioning in the saddle isn't changing when I go from right to left.  I'm not going to rehash that here, because I feel like I've re-learned that once a year for the past three years, but yeah...slow learner.  Who knew, if I turn, he turns...

Thanks for putting up with me for six years this week, little buddy.  Maybe I'll learn to ride someday!


  1. I like to periodically announce my earthshattering findings to my trainer. You know, like "DID YOU KNOW if I turn my body, the horse turns too?"

    Somehow she usually ends up acting like she did know that and had been telling that to me for years?

    Who knows.

  2. This is a great post and something that I need to think about at my next ride! Now that I think about it I wonder if I'm turning the top of my body but not my pelvis. Something to think about anyway.