December 5, 2017

Family Portraits

I had met Connor's full sister before, but Connor hadn't.  His full sister, Castleberrys Delight (Delilah), is in her mid-late teens and currently shows PSG with her adult ammie owner.

At Pony Cup, we made sure to take a lot of Castleberry Cob brag photos, which I've forgotten to share until now!  The mounted ones didn't turn out so great because I had messed with my mom's camera settings to get some sunset photos and forgot to tell her (oops!), so we took a second set of unmounted photos the next day.

We were trying to hurry and didn't stand D up very well at all!  She's very well put together, I promise.

Two happy Cob owners and the woman who made it all possible!

"Who dis?"


  1. Love the fourth picture down! What a pretty pair! :)

  2. The neck on that mare is insane. Talk about a couple of gorgeous horses!!

  3. Holy COW. That neck on Delilah is CRAZY.

    They are so shiny and pretty!!

  4. I wondered about these!! That semi that was trying to drive through behind you guys certainly didn’t help with the set up but they turned out really cute!!

  5. Thank you for sharing these. Fun memories with fun people and ponies!

  6. So cool to see the cobs out there getting it done. :-)