December 12, 2017

Figuring Out a Schedule

With starting CrossFit again and having Connor close while working out for the first time, I've struggled to figure out a weekly schedule. 

Have some random photos from the past few months.  National historic landmark modernist church, famous outdoor sculpture, temporary Exhibit Columbus art installation, all in a plaza created by the Washington Mall architect, taken on our tipsy walk home from dinner.  #notyouraveragesmalltown

For the five years I did both, Connor lived so far away it was impossible to do both CrossFit and ride on the same night, so I alternated nights.  And now that he's close, I'm not willing to give up my increased number of rides per week I've gotten used to since I moved him.

Our old, old man.

Doing both on a weeknight is doable, but puts me getting home pretty late.  It's also challenging to go immediately from an intense workout to riding, and requires I eat something in between.

And since CrossFit is class based, I have to work around their class offerings, which are sometimes not what I want them to be (cough cough, looking at you, Wednesdays).

6pm shoots my whole night in the foot.
So, this is what I finally came up with.  We'll see if it works.

Monday: 5pm Crossfit, ride (The only night of the week I have to do both back to back)
Tuesday: Ride (lesson)
Wednesday: 6pm CrossFit
Thursday: Ride
Friday: ????  (I always say I'm going to do something, and then my husband puts a cocktail in my hand at 5:01pm and I end up hanging out with him instead.)
Saturday: 10am CrossFit, ride
Sunday: Ride


  1. So much scheduling! I'm lucky enough to be able to squeeze workouts in during the afternoons on my lunch break and that's been my KEY to being able to do it all.

  2. I'm hoping that now that Ruby is back home I can get back into a gym routine between trips -- although thankfully I can go to the gym whenever, I don't have to schedule around specific classes. Whew, that's complicated for you. Hopefully this new schedule works out well :)

  3. I am currently struggling with the Ride/Gym routine, trying to make it all work. Right now I still get pretty sore from the Gym so I need to give myself easier days of both if they are at the same time. Currently its so much easier for me to actually go to the barn after a ride because I really want to be there, whereas if I ride first then I'm more likely to make an excuse not to go to the gym.

  4. I'm definitely working on balancing this right now. Granola bars are my lifeline and the social life is just kinda... not... but I'll figure it out.

  5. Answer to your Friday ???
    Nick at Nite ( I think that is how night was spelled for that program.

    1. I LOVED Nick at Nite! Haven't thought about that in years! Thanks for the blast from the past :)

    2. I would recommend you devote Friday to Nick at Nite. Life gets so busy. It's important to schedule time well spent on those you love the most.

  6. I mean, there is something to be said for a husband who has Friday cocktails waiting :)

  7. That looks almost exactly like my schedule minus the working out haha

  8. I'm lucky that I work from home and can do my working out at lunch. But its really hard to keep it up still. When you work out for an hour and then have to go ride later for an hour, you end up not doing one or the other just because it is so overwhelming. Good luck with your schedule.