January 19, 2018

Product Review: Back on Track Quarter Sheet (Nylon)

Up til now, Connor has had a horse-sized Dover polar fleece quarter sheet.  It had its problems - staticky, too big, attracted dirt like crazy.  But it got the job done and served us well for years.

Really just wanted an excuse to share this cat crouch spook from a year ago.
In December, I decided spend a work spiff on a Back on Track quarter sheet.  I spent a long time hemming and hawing on whether to get the nylon or fleece version.  I knew the fleece would be cozy, but it would also have most of the same issues my current one did.  The nylon shown in the photos Smartpak's website didn't look cozy, but was well-reviewed.  The nylon sheet reviews had one important phrase: NO STATIC.  I decided to take a chance on it.

In short: I love it! 

  • It is genuinely cozy.  I'd take a human blanket made of the quilted underside and be happy.
  • Hay and dust brushes off the top of it
  • It works both under my saddle and over my legs.
  • The Velcro up front is STRONG and stiff - really gives some structure to the front.
  • It's sized like regular blankets, so it fits properly.
  • It doesn't get staticky.
  • Well-made 
  • He did warm up much faster after using it...jury is still out on the ceramic Chinese magic part of it though.  It's really just a good quarter sheet so far.
  • The saddle hole is pretty big, but then again, I have a tiny saddle.
  • My saddle isn't a monoflap, but sort of acts like one with flaps that are held together with Velcro and straps.  So the sheet has to go underneath the flaps, and it's just a bit too long on the sides so it bunches up under the billet straps and over the saddle pad.  Connor doesn't seem to mind, but I will probably only put it under the flaps for lunging. 
  • Wrinkles like crazy!  Hope they fall out eventually, or I may take my steamer to it once it warms up.
Bottom line:  If you're looking for a warm, well-made, solidly constructed quarter sheet that eliminates a lot of the normal problems with polar fleece quarter sheets, this is worth the money. 
What: Back on Track Quarter Sheet
Price: Currently $138.95
Sizes: 72-87", fits like Horseware sizing (Connor is a 69" in everything but a solid 72" in Horseware blankets)
Options: Nylon or fleece.  Mine is nylon.


  1. Glad you like the sheet! I hemmed and hawed a lot between that version and the fleece and ended up with fleece. Had I known it wasn't backed in nylon, I might have changed my mind!

  2. I'm glad you reviewed this! I want to purchase a quarter sheet and I've been eyeing this one. Like you, I wasn't sure how cozy the nylon would be; I'm glad to hear it's nice!

  3. It actually is just Magic. I haven't justified buying a quarter sheet yes, but omg I hate fleece quartersheets so much because of the static (I also really hate the way fleece looks after its washed). Currently I use the giant oversized blanket I bought Carlos as a kind of cooler for before and after rides.

  4. It sounds super nice.

    Otoh, mine is bright purple. ;-)

  5. I almost bought this one a couple of years ago but went for the clearance Horze wool one instead which I also LOVE and which also actually fits Katai (who's a 66" in most blankets) really well. I LOVE my BoT sheet though!

  6. Niiiiiiiice.

    I love my saddle pad, and am eyeing the quarter sheet next.

  7. The wrinkles would make me crazy, too! But will the steamer mess up the voodoo magic?