February 6, 2018

Pixio GIFs from February 4th

It's been a while since I last posted some Pixio GIFs.  This is not best ride we're had lately (and the Equisense backed me up on that), but he got pretty decent toward the end.  I think he came out a bit sore and distracted after the day before's ride.  Gotta get back into a routine - both of us.

But look at us actually riding on the left rein now!  Maybe too much, lol.


At the end, I decided I was going to come up the quarter line, get him as straight as I could, and shoot for a ballin' halt.

For once in my riding career...nailed it.

You may notice all of these GIFs are trot GIFs, because I completely admit the canter is a hot mess right now.  I've made improvements elsewhere, but my default rein length is too long and my default hand and elbow position is "holding", hence the head bob.  You can see it so clearly in the GIF, it looks like my hands move backwards with each stride.  Frustrating to see it on the video and think I'm working on it but not really be making progress - I need a lesson.


At the end of the day, there's always something else to work on.  Gotta savor the good moments and let the "needs improvement" ones motivate you.  Dat halt though...


  1. I just love him, first of all :)

    Secondly, love the halt!

  2. Whoa... look how STRAIGHT and FORWARD he is! And in the bridle! Damn girl, y'all lookin' good!

  3. Go to YouTube and search Jane Savoie explains elastic contact. About half way through she talks about the rising trot and how to get your elbows to open. Once you can get that feeling at the rising trot maybe it will carry over a bit? (Not the best video quality as It's of someone's lesson but it works!)

  4. my internet is being the worst right now so your gifs are a glacial speeds which is pretty amusing lol

  5. I'm with L- it's all in slow mo for me too but it looks cool