March 5, 2018

30 Things Blog Hop

This blog hop totally feels like one of those things we did in the "Notes" feature of Facebook waaaaay back in the day, but hey!  Figured I'd join in.

1. The only food I don't like is olives.

2. By the end of my semester in Italy, I was fluent enough in Italian to carry a dinner party conversation for a couple of hours.

The graffiti in Italy is so amazing. (I'm on the ground)

3. My husband and I eloped to Italy because wedding planning isn't for me.

4. I have never broken a bone.

5. I have never fallen off of Connor in the 7 years I've owned him, and I make sure to say that out loud as often as possible so no one can accuse me of jinxing myself!

6. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Equine Studies, and if it wasn't for my college I wouldn't be a computer engineer, so I still feel like that was a good decision.

Also that makes GREAT work small talk over drinks.  "So what was your major in?" "Horses" "...?????????!!!!"

7. Wheat makes me sick, and life is too short to be sick, so I don't eat wheat.

8. I was on strict keto from 2010-2012ish, and I've been on lazy goal weight keto ever since.  Basically just means I try to eat low carb/high fat, and if I feel the pounds creeping up I drop my carb intake sharply for a couple of weeks and the weight falls right off.

Me at my maybe heaviest?  Freshman 25 was real, yo.

9. My job is in computers, but virtual computers, and the running joke around the office is that if you let Jen touch physical computers, they break.

10. I had never tried sushi until a couple of years ago and now I can't get enough of it.

11. I've been in a lot of musicals and plays, but my favorite role was Little Becky Two Shoes in Urinetown: The Musical

And my husband was the male lead, Bobby.

12. I started following The Curly Girl Method in college and still do.

13. I ran competitive cross-country (the people kind) from third grade through my senior year of high school.

14. My college started a cross-country team my senior year, so I walked on, and me and my merry band of 10 freshmen won the USCAA national title that year.

15. I love swing dancing, thanks to my high school that had live big bands at prom. 
Senior prom with my friend Corey

16. My miter saw is my favorite saw.

17. I religiously wear face sunscreen.  (My favorite is a Japanese chemical sunscreen, Biore Watery Essence.  It takes 3 weeks to get here but it's so worth the wait.)

18. I grew up on a hobby farm.

19. I love playing Ultimate Frisbee.

20. I started working the weekend before my 13th birthday, washing dishes in my Grandma's restaurant (It's legal to start that young if it's a family-owned business, at least in Illinois). I've never not had a job since.

21. My family and I spent a half hour talking to the guys from Bowling for Soup after a show once.

22. I'm kind of obsessed with the weather, and I'm a trained National Weather Service storm spotter.

23. I'm bad at keeping indoor plants alive.  I just don't know what window my peace lily really wants to be in, okay?

24. My husband says someone should make an indie movie about my rural Midwestern childhood running around with these people:

25. I was on the equestrian team all four years of college.

First show ever!  Check out that eq! :)

26. I don't play video games hardly at all, but when I do, it's classic Nintendo or Civilization.

Me and my siblings' shared NES collection
27. I don't mind cooking, but it's a hobby for my husband, so he does all of our cooking and grocery shopping.

28. I almost died of meningitis when I was six days old.

29. I just wanted an excuse to share this picture.  I played the Dwarf in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in high school (that's me on the left)

30. I have two younger siblings and neither of them inherited the horse bug from our mom the way I did.


  1. Oh my God, it is like a FB notes thing. Or when further back, a MySpace survey! Hahaha. You're killing it with this list. I feel so many of these. Especially #23, hahaha

    1. I totally thought about throwing MySpace in there and then I was like "No...too far back" lol! Right, wasn't that such a timely Hangouts discussion? hahaha.

    2. I mean, if you wanted to go too far back, how about Xanga? 😂

    3. Oh you mean the very public repository for all of my teenage angst and emotions that made no sense? Yeah no, let it burn, lol.

    4. A couple years ago my mom and I got really drunk and managed to log back into mine. I'm sure you can imagine the hilarity. My abs hurt just thinking about it, haha.

    5. I totally can. I'm pretty sure Xanga is dead now, I'm also pretty sure I have an archive of it somewhere...not putting a whole lot of effort into digging THAT up.

    6. Lol, come on, I know I can't be the only one who did Prodigy chat, pre-Myspace amd FB? That is old school like pager code ;)

    7. Pre-MySpace and FB it was TeenChat, email and MSN or AOL instant messengers!

    8. Haha yeah it's very myspace. I a little bit judged myself for doing it, but whatever.

  2. I'm jealous of your elopement, I wanted to but my husband and both mothers outvoted me! That's really cool that you've done a lot of acting, I've done a few musicals, under the stage with a trombone in my hand. I still perform as a musician regularly but I miss the theater.

    1. Ouch! Yeah my husband was on board, and we just told the mothers - mine very early (she was fine with it), his at the very last minute (we knew she'd hate it). Agree with missing the theater (and I also played clarinet and sang in choir). It's tough to have an outlet for music and theater as an adult. It takes SO much time, even if you manage to find a good community group.

  3. Damn your senior prom dress is like a debutante ball gown or something!

    1. Yeah! Every single dress at our prom is like that. It's not a private school either, just a public school with a weird and cool tradition. Most of them are hand made and then handed down or sold. I love that tradition, hope they do it forever.

    2. I was gonna say the same thing as L. What a better idea than the current state of prom dresses.

    3. Could not agree more. We then wore what the rest of the county considers a prom dress to homecoming - got to take advantage of those after-prom season sales in order to get amazing discounts on them too! I love those dresses. Your dressmaker gives you lessons in how to walk and sit in them! It's so cool.

  4. So many fancy ball gowns at prom! Dang.

  5. thanks for sharing!! love knowing more about everyone (not in a stalker way at all LOL)!

  6. Ah yes #1. Everyone on my mom's (very large) side LOVES olives except for my sister and I. I've tried. I've failed. Still gross. Also yay for (human) cross country! I ran for 4 years across middle/high school and would pick it annnny day over track. I learned to love ultimate frisbee thanks to cross country haha.
    Annd 15 (I took a swing dance class in college and it was SO much fun) & 25 (tho I was only on my team for 3 years - also fairly positive I competed at your school, just, a few years later haha)