March 27, 2018

Chiseling My Horse Out of His Mud Cast

When I got to the barn last night, I realized I'd forgotten my bridle at home.  I thought I might lunge instead, and then I saw my mud-covered, hairy, dirty, possibly feral horse:

Who you calling feral?

And remembered suddenly that The Clinic is one week from today.  Honestly with all of this new job stuff, I hadn't forgotten it was coming up, but I had forgotten it was so close.

Ombre highlights?  Nope, just mud on flaxen.

And I thought...maybe taking the night off to do some grooming isn't such a bad idea. do they even do this?
Since they'll be in the rest of the week thanks to:


I judged that it wasn't a total waste of time to do a first pass on feathers and tail.  So we did that and some mane pulling. 

Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about him looking like a moth-eaten mottled half-seal brown/half chestnut whatever he is right now as his summer coat starts to come in just the tiniest bit:

Or if you DO know of something I can do to make this look better, holla.  Wish he still looked like this:

This was good.
I also started to pull his mane.

It's not the last big grooming we'll do before next week, but we had to start somewhere as we come out of winter hibernation!


  1. He looks kind of proud of himself :p

  2. He does totally look proud of himself. Katai is due for a grooming/spa day as well!

  3. Hot oil treatment!!! Some people do mayonnaise soak, but I prefer hot oil before and after clipping. It will help tremendously!!!