March 8, 2018

JenJ is Awesome

On Sunday this week, I had a kickass ride I was super proud of, and had written three blog posts based off of it.


And then I showed JenJ some video clips from said ride, and she was super supportive and positive, and also asked if she could give me some constructive criticism.  Of course I said yes.  And she proceeded to point out how that ride could be so much better with some changes to the way I ride and warmup.

I was SO EXCITED to get that feedback.  I needed to hear what she had to say.  I am so grateful to her for sitting me down and giving me some (really kind) tough love, and then some really good advice on how to improve.

"Too polite"

The truth is, I am in completely uncharted territory.  That "too polite" trot felt so cool to me, because I thought I had access to his entire body in it and could ask him for anything.  I've since learned that's not true, and I love that.  In riding, in my job, in my life, I love having my paradigm shifted like that.

Two days later

Someone who has gone further than me in Dressage knows that that "too polite" trot isn't enough for what lies ahead of us as we move up the levels.  And I am so grateful to have a friend willing to share her knowledge like that.  I don't know what I don't know, but I do have friends and trainers who know.

Working on forward and freedom
So yeah, needless to say I completely rewrote all of my posts for this week because I've learned a ton and had rides that were way better than that ride from Sunday, and I think that's pretty cool. 


  1. It's so valuable to have a friend like that who can lovingly provide the kind of advice you need to keep making progress! So cheers to both JenJ for being that friend, and you for being able to hear it and use it for positive change 🙂

  2. Being able to take criticism is so vital with horses. Having someone willing and smart enough to dish out the right information equally vital.

  3. I love getting great feedback! The Blogosphere has been so awesome for opening up our riding worlds!

  4. I've recently been railing against a "pleasant" trot, which I think is a lot like your polite one!

  5. Ok, totally embarrassed by this post, but I'm so glad our conversations helped even just a little. You and Connor have worked so hard and you have all the pieces to take the next step, which is super exciting! I also love the helpful tips I've gotten from other bloggers along the way - everyone's had different experiences and perspectives and sometimes someone says something in just the right way, and then it's a huge lightbulb moment.

  6. I always struggle with "polite" gaits. I have more issues wanting a polite canter than trot. It is so valuable having friends who give constructive criticism!

  7. I love bouncing feedback off friends! Sometimes someone else has a different way of saying something that just clicks! And I agree JenJ is awesome! :)