May 20, 2018

Free Weekend in California

California ladies!  I'm going to be staying in Palo Alto for work from June 10-20, and I have the entire weekend of the 16th-17th free.  I also have the afternoon of June 10th free after I land, and I shouldn't be nearly as jet lagged as when I got up at 2am Eastern to come out last time 😳

Since that is a reeeeally long time to be away from Connor, I would love to find something horsey to do on the 16th-17th weekend within a couple hour radius of SF  - a clinic to audit or a show to spectate at would be perfect, but I'm open to anything - and I would LOVE to see as many of you as I can too!  The only thing on my agenda right now is eating my weight in delicious Bay Area tacos and sushi. #priorities 

Shoot me an email at my spam account if you know of any shows/events/clinics/other activities going on that weekend: jalean one one at gmail dot com.

10 days is a long time for this little guy especially.


  1. Yay! I'm totally available that weekend and would love to see you. Will send you an email with some activities that I have in the calendar that weekend :)