September 12, 2018


I've owned this horse for seven years and I still get completely caught off-guard by his ability to sprout a significant winter coat overnight.  One night in the 50's this week and POOF he explodes.

Of course 'significant' is relative.  Connor's full winter coat looks like this (if I let it grow out, which I do NOT do anymore!):
Yakity Yak!  Too bad we didn't get anything for scale in this photo, each one of these belly hairs was 3-ish inches long.

For comparison, the below photo was taken two weeks ago today.  He is just racing right into winter.

All the reminders that I'm about a month away from clipping 😭


  1. I’m not looking forward to winter this year and I’m really hoping that it takes its time getting here! I feel like we’ve had a short, hot summer so I’m really hoping we have a lengthy fall!

  2. My young mare is the same way! She literally changed color within a week into her darker winter coat. I am so sad summer is gone. :-(

  3. My horses are already shedding out their summer coats. It's really depressing. They're old and retired so we don't clip. But maybe I should! ha!

  4. Tristan does the same thing! While he was in the hospital I groomed him every hour or so and every single time I got summer hair out. The vet tech was amazed that he had so much winter coat already. I swear it happened overnight.

  5. Hey Guys
    Eventing results from WEG 2018
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  6. Hi Guys
    Here are the final results for the Eventing at WEG 2018

    Ingrid Klimke's one rail down in the showjumping cost her and Germany dearly, and open the way for young Rosalind Canter and Team GBR. Here are the top 20 individual results and the top 10 team results in the Eventing at WEG 2018


  7. Good morning everyone

    Congratulations Team USA!!!!!
    What a nail biting final to the team showjumping event at WEG last night.
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