November 19, 2018

Getting Back to It

To my best buddy, that is.

And his new buddy, who is, yes, a full two hands smaller than Connor is.

After another marathon business trip (in which the TSA exchanged my ID with someone else's...during the first leg of a three flight trip...yeah that was awesome), I finally got a chance to ride on Saturday evening.

Connor had been ridden twice by my trainer while I was gone, but I hadn't ridden in a very, very long time.  So all weekend, we walked, while I rediscovered what sitting on a horse feels like.  (Is this sounding familiar?)



That wasn't just walking in a circle though, it was leg yields and ToF and ToH and lots of other suppling things.   My trainer is on a vacation this week and then I have another (very) full week of travel the following week, so it'll be a while before I get a lesson again.

Hey, at least he's clearly feeling good!

Anyone else have Q4 madness interfering with your #1 hobby right now?


  1. Right now it's the weather interfering 😭 boooo.

  2. Business travel always sucks the life out of riding. I still feel like I'm finding my legs from 2 weeks ago and now Thanksgiving is basically here >:[

  3. What a nightmare with the ID! Holy moly. Glad you made it back!
    I picked a job that didn't require travel so I wouldn't run into that issue, but then weather seems to take over. Kind of a lose lose situation this time of year I guess!