November 2, 2018


All's quiet here right now.  After three months of not getting out of my pajamas for work, suddenly I'm traveling 2 or 3 days a week for six weeks in a row.  Kansas City, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Green Bay.  Two of those are personal trips, but it's still travel.

Me standing in front of my parents' old apartment just outside of Kansas City, MO on a business trip last week

This isn't translating into a whole lot of saddle time, of course.  I am SO grateful to have a good BM/trainer who stays on top of blanket changes and puts quality rides on him while I'm gone.  Couldn't do this job without someone like that in my corner.

"Don't mind me, just over here self-entertaining while you're flying around the country."

Even though Connor is staying in shape, I feel like I have to relearn how to ride every time I go out right now.  Try to remember what we were working on last time I rode (the blog definitely helps with that).  Try to remember WTF I do with all these body parts that I swear I knew how to use a couple weeks ago...!

Back on Track season has begun

I could get stressed about that, but instead I'm zen.  This job is still my dream job and it's always going to be unpredictably cyclical like this.  I'm lucky to travel on two weeks notice, most of the time it's more like a couple days notice.  The people that ask me to travel try their hardest not to make me travel if they can possibly avoid it, which is definitely appreciated.  Sometimes you just gotta get in a room with people though.

This is just that adult amateur life, knowing you'd make a ton of progress if you could ride 6 days a week and instead trading hour long rides for 20 minute trips out to snuggle him, pick his feet out, feed him cookies and go home! (The horse is not complaining, really!)


  1. small side track.. is the thing he's standing in a slow feeder? I'm looking for something that size for my horse's stall for hay and that looks just right..

    1. It is! It's a Savvy Feeder: Here is my review of it:

    2. thanks, off to investigate. How many flakes does he normally get at night. I am trying to feed only 2 flakes because he's a fatty so i want it to last as long as possible. If two flake means it is already mostly empty then it might not work.

    3. So he gets 2-3, but the Savvy Feeder's grate sits on top of the hay and falls along with it, so it really doesn't matter whether it's full or nearly empty. They have different grate sizes to choose from, depending on how stemmy your hay is and how slowly you want him to eat the hay.

  2. Enjoy your travels! You will be dying for saddle time when you get back.

  3. Ugh I feel you. My travel was spread out all Fall, but I don't think I've been home for two straight weeks since September. Definitely cramps the riding style (but then again, so does having a lame horse!).

    I'm ready to get home for winter and not leave again for several months.

  4. I’ve been really glad to have less work travel this year than I did last year but I still ended up riding less haha. Oh well, these things happen.